Robert Pattinson Tina Fey Is Sexy

I have seldom seen a woman so sexy, he says.. Like everyone else, I m attracted to girls who have a head on their shoulders. L Twilight The actor tells the magazine that fell Saturday while watching Fey 30 Rock. Robert Pattinson revealed that he has a crush on comedian and 30 Rock star Tina Fey. The other day I was watching 30 Rock and I was fascinated by the quirky Tina Fey.

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Paris Hilton Says No To Amy Winehouse Friendship

L heiress, who wore a beautiful pink dress and a pair of Gina-encrusted Swarovski crystal Gilda shoes, is in the United Kingdom for the launch of its new reality show, Paris Hiltons British Best Friend.. After a day of promotion, it was noted Paris Hilton arriving at Covent Garden Hotel in central London on Tuesday night (January 27).

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Firefighter Suspended From Band Over Nod To Obama

Video shows Drum Major John Coleman to give the nod along with a fleeting wave as Cleveland Firefighter Memorial Pipes Drums marched past the president.. An Ohio firefighter was given a six-month suspension from his position in a pipe and drum band because Barack Obama nodding to the President during the last week inaugural parade in Washington.

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Julia Roberts Roberts Plans A Busy Summer Before College

The 17 years has revealed that he sent her the applications for college, with the aim of strengthening the child education during this year (09) - and that means that pack a lot of between now and then.. JULIA ROBERTS actress niece Emma Roberts is planning a busy 2009 - because he wanted to visit Paris, passing his driving test, fall in love, and release a photo book - first of all starts college.

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Angelina Jolie Is Off Quot Lara Croft Tomb Raider Quot

It just too soon to sign a star, the producers say, until you ve expressed a writer and director. Just not with Angelina. According to Hollywood Reporter, the third film of completely overhauling the sexy, video-game based on Croft and probably change the source (rather than the English aristocracy blood) and to introduce exciting missions, the locations, the love interest and bad. According to E!, Warner Bros. Has confirmed plans to restart its success Lara Croft: Tomb Raider franchised.

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